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Backline Hire

We've all been there. You have booked a days line up of bands to entertain the paying public, but every time one group has finished it takes up to half an hour to change drum kits and guitar amps and line check the next act.


The solution is to have a house backline which all the bands can use. Then change overs can be done in as little as 5 minutes and everything is all sound checked and ready to go.


We offer:

Drums   -   Guitar amps   -   Bass amps   -   Keyboards  -  Packages





We stock Mapex M Birch drums in the following sizes

10" Rack Tom

12" Rack Tom

13" Rack Tom

16" Floor Tom

14 x 5.5 Snare Drum

(All above drums are fitted with Evans G2 Coated batter heads and Remo clear reso heads)

22" x 18" ported bass drum



We stock the following Sabian AAX cymbals

14" Stage Hats

10" Splash

16" Stage Crash

18" Stage Crash

18" China

20" Stage Ride


We can supply all required stands, drum rug, as well as a Roc N Soc drum throne.


We can supply sticks on request, but these do not come as standard.

We recommend each drummer supplies their own as there are so many variables.



Guitar Amps

We stock Marshall, fender and Line 6 amps

5 Piece drum kit and cymbals

Available from £90a day*

  • Why hire your backline from Koncept Productions?

    • Hiring the backline from us with your stage hire can work out up to £200 cheaper than a third party suppler once you have factored in their transport costs

    • The equipment Is delivered and set up with the stage so your not waiting for it to arrive

    • If you are also using our PA services then you can rest assured our sound engineers know this backline equipment very well and can not only show each musician how to use it, but they also know how to get the best sound out of it.


Marshall AVT275


2x 12" 150w guitar amp with digital effects


This is a very powerful and versatile amp with everything you'd expect from a Marshall. At the push of a button this amp can be set for Classic blues, Hard rock or Heavy metal, making it ideal for a house backline.


Supplied with a foot switch


Available from £45 a day*

Marshall VS265


2x 12" 160w guitar amp


This three channel amp (1 clean, 2 OD) has the sweet tone and characteristics expected from a Marshall Valvestate amps. You also have Chorus, Reverb and 2x 12" speakers to finish off that perfect sound.


Supplied with a foot switch


Available from £45 a day*

Fender Hot Rod Deville III


2x 12" 60w guitar amp


This is a classic with the unmistakable fender tone. A very simple to use amp which is easy to tune to the perfect sound every time.


Supplied with a foot switch


Available from £50 a day*

Fender 65 Twin Reverb


2x 12" 85w guitar amp


Another unmistakable classic with the legendary fender sound. A very simple to use amp which is easy to tune to the perfect sound every time.



Available from £50 a day*

Line 6 Flextone III


1x 12" 75w guitar amp


These are in our stock because they're just amazing amps. In fact it's like having 32 different amps in one box as they can model all the classic amps from the past 50 years (including the ones above). They even have 4 totally programmable channel set ups which can be recalled at the click of a foot switch (Which we supply). On top of all of that they are packed with a host of digital effects to get that perfect sound.


These have been the most popular amp for us in the last couple of years as their power and sound quality suits every genre of music


Available from £40 a day*

Bass Guitar Amps


Ashdown Mag 300 EVO


1x 15" 300w Bass amp


The Ashdown brand was founded from the brains behind the legendary Trace Elliot amps from the 80's and 90's. Ashdown are now the leading British bass amp manufacturer and the Mag 300 has everything the most demanding player will need.

5-Band EQ - Compression - Overdrive - Sub Harmonics


The only sensible choice for a house backline


Available from £40 a day*

Where are the big amp stacks??


At Koncept Productions our goal is to get the best sound for the listening public.  We aim our stage hire at the smaller events of 100 - 5000 people.

A stack of Marshalls at the back of the stage creates two big problems.

  1. The sound engineer mixing the event doesn't have control over it, so can't turn it down if it's overwhelming the mix.
  2. The sound generated from it will get into every microphone on stage and again dominate the show.

To most guitarists that sounds like a fantastic scenario, but in reality the audience will hate it.

In our experience a small combo amp miked through the PA sounds a lot better than a big amp stack. And we want everyone, from the front row to the back row to hear the best sound possible.

So unfortunately we don't offer the "Big Boys".



Kurzweil Stage Piano SP76


76 Semi-weighted keys


This stage piano has an award winning sound library of instantly recallable voices. With advanced MIDI features it makes this keyboard ideal for connecting a players own voice bank to.

Comes with height adjustable stand


Available from £40 a day*

We don't supply keyboard amps as we normally D.I. direct into the PA system and use the stage monitors for the players reference.

A Roland PM10 can be suppled on advanced request if a player need his own monitor with just the keyboard sound.

5-Piece Drum Kit


12", 13" & 16" toms, 14x5.5" Snare, 22" Bass Drum

14" Hi-Hats, 16" Crash, 18" Crash & 20" Ride Cymbals (Sabian AAX)

All stands, Pedals**, Drum Rug and stall


Drum sticks are not supplied


** Single bass drum Pedal (Can be upgraded to an iron cobra double pedal for £10)


Guitar Amps


Two Line 6 Flextone III guitars amp with foot controllers

One Ashdown Mag 300 Bass Amp


A 10m Jack cable is supplied with each amp to connect the guitars

No guitars are supplied.



Add the Kurzweil Stage Piano to this package for just £30.00

Complete Backline Package


* Optional *

Available from £190*


PLEASE NOTE: Backline hire is only available to those hiring a stage from Koncept Productions, on a first come, first served basis.


*Priced daily, but does not include delivery and collection.


Each day the equipment is on hire will be charged for, whether the equipment is used or not, this includes rig and de-rig days if they are included in you stage hire package. Multi day quotes will be priced on a job per job basis., Please call for more info.


The event promoter (or the hirer) is responsible for any damage (however slight) that is caused to the musical equipment while on hire to the event, even when our staff are on site. We will give cost details at the time of booking to allow you arrange insurance cover for this.

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