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Modular Staging

This is the most versatile portable staging we stock. By definition it is so versatile that we can make up almost any size or shape stage you require. From square drum risers to catwalks, if you need a big or a small stage then this is the product for you.


Very popular with schools, churches and community centres we can easily fit the deck through any standard doorway and join them to make a performance space for anything from a Christmas nativity to a corporate product launch.

All our stage decks come as standard with adjustable legs, from 0.4m (1,3ft) - 1.4m (4,6ft). This makes our stage systems as versatile as possible and means we can even change the planned height on site as required. The legs are then clamped together to make a solid stage that can cope with even the most demanding dance act.


We also stock a large amount of hand rails to ensure the safety on those using the stage. Naturally we don't put it where it will obstruct the view of the audience, but it is an essential safety element in the darker areas near the stairs and back of the stage.

Indoors or Outside


As well as being the obvious choice for indoor staging the modular stage decks can also be used outside.

If required, we can also supply simple canopies (up to 6m wide) to cover some, or all, of the stage area*.


This can be a real problem solver if your site doesn't allow enough access for our trailer stages.



Additional Services

As with our larger stages we offer our full technical support.

So if you require sound, lighting or power for your event our team can provide a package to suit.

6m x 4m Stage - 800mm high

with 6m x 3m canopy & additional Truss lighting stands

Various 2.4m x 1.2m risers

5m x 3m Stage with canopy

Our most popular outdoor choice

for modular stage  -  from £340

5m x 3m Stage

600mm High with Pleated Skirt

5m x 4m Stage

600mm High with Pleated Skirt

* Modular stage canopies may have legs or supports in the middle of the stage space, meaning you may not get a fully clear span.

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