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Sound & Lighting Service

Sound Services


So you've got a stage, but now the performers need to be heard. We stock systems from 200watts to 15Kilowatts. This means we can provide the right sound solution for the event and not just a one size fits all approach.

So whether you need just one microphone for speeches or you need a complete 12 piece party band mic'd up, we have the equipment at our finger tips to get the job done right.

In addition to the equipment we also have a team who not only have the experience but are also passionate about making things sound right, so when we mix a show you know everyone can hear what's being played, and that doesn't always mean it has to be LOUD!


We have been supplying bands with sound systems for the past 20 years so have a great deal of experience in the world of live music. Over the years we have mixed events for many different cultures and understand the needs for one can be very different to another, and in some cases these have been at the same event, so we like to plan ahead as much as possible.

Just want a simple sound system?       We offer small systems for dry hire too      Click here for more details

How do we know what you need?


We would normally find out from you what size event we are providing sound for, and whether it's inside or outside. We will then ask what sort of music programme you are expecting. From this we can ascertain the size of the main front of house PA system. Once this has been agreed we then provide you with a specification list of what we will provide so you can distribute it to the performers ahead of an event. Then, with our contact details listed, anyone who has specific requirements can get in touch and we can ensure we have their needs covered before their arrival. But sometimes we do have to think on our feet when an artist turns up expecting eight monitor mixes when we have only provided four, but we can nearly always find an acceptable compromise.


What ever the event, festivals, concerts and conferences we have a sound system to suit, and a sensible price to match. So give us a call today.

Lighting Services


So you've got a stage, and now we can hear the band..... but it would nice if we could see them too ! !


We have solutions for this as well.


Whether you need a simple rig to light the stage into the evening or you'd like a spectacular display to enhance a bands performance, we can supply it all. We can customise any rig to your specification, so please contact us for a personalised quotation.


Our "off the shelf" stage hire packages offer two lighting systems which are great for community events. But this doesn't mean that's what you have to have, so our team are always available to help advise you on the best approach for your event. Just give us a call.

So whether it's sound, lighting (or both), we can tailor a package to suit both the event and your budget.

We do far more than just staging, sound and lighting for events. We also provide complete technical support for all types of event.


  • Gereator Hire
       We stock 5 - 45Kva generators to power everything
       from the stage to the lighting around your site.

  • Event power distribution

            Whether you need a single generator for a stage or a

            complete site connected up, we have the

            equipment and the expertise to get the job done

            quickly, efficiently and most of all safely.


  • Event Site Lighting

           We have a large stock of festoons and flood lights to

           illuminate any show ground to ensure the nights are as

           enjoyable as the days.


  • Sound & Lighting Installation

           Not only are we a hire company, we also offer a

           complete installation service. We believe that our

           experience in the world of live events means we are

           better placed than some other companies to provide

           advice and support to schools and houses of worship in

           replacing their sound & lighting installations.



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