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Special Effects

Special effects come in all shapes and sizes and can be a simple as a light haze in the the air to as explosive as pyrotechnics in the sky. We have a large stock of effects to give your show the wow factor. See below for more information on what we can offer.


We offer:

Haze & Smoke   -   Confetti & Streamers   -   Snow  -   Pyrotechnics

Haze and smoke effects

Haze and smoke are the most widely used effects in the entertainments industry, and for good reason. They create atmosphere and depth to the production, and create a surface for the light show to shine through. Without haze you just wouldn't see the beams from the moving lights, and the show would just look flat.


We nearly always supply at least one haze machine with our lighting rigs. But we also stock various sizes of smoke machine to create a thicker effect.

We can even supply dry Ice effect machines to produce a low rolling smoke effect.


Our smoke systems are non toxic and friendly to the environment.



Costs start from £45.00


But check with us at the time of booking as haze machine may well be included in your lighting package.



Confetti and streamers

Our E-shot confetti launch pods can take 50 -or 80cm E-shot disposable cannons filled with confetti or streamers, and launching them up to 12m in the air. We can supply almost any number of these to create a stunning effect at the push of a button.


Powered by a single use nitrogen shot, and triggered electronically, these are a safe effect that can be used during the day or into the night to add a WOW factor to your event.


E-shot confetti and steamers are available in 24 different colour options, either paper or metallic.



Our launch system starts from £145.00* per day for a two pod kit.


We will be more than happy to provide you with a custom quote for your event with any number of cannons.



*Price does not include the consumable confetti  or streamer cartridges.


Snow Is not just for Christmas, it's a great effect any time of year.


Our nontoxic foam snow is environmentally friendly and safe to use around children. Although it's not as cold as real snow the machines produce a visually realistic effect that projects up to 6m and floats down just like the real stuff.

Pyrotechnics and Non-Pyrotechnics

We have been using pyrotechnics for live events for over 20 years, but it often gets tricky to arrange the required permits and arrange the stage layouts with all the necessary safety space.  So we can still arrange these for you, but we have a much safer and even more amaizing alternative. We have machines that can be controlled through our computerised lighting desks which create a virtually smoke and odor free sparking flame that can reach 5m high. Unlike a pyrotechnic shot these machines can be triggered over and over again, allowing us to start and stop the flame on cue, and even program dancing flame sequences.


Most amaizing of all is that these Non-Pyrotechnic flames are cold to the touch and the fallout will not set light to anything. You can even put your had in the flame with no ill effects. So these are safe to use in virtually any situation, whether indoors or outside.


Naturally these are our first choice for use on our outdoor stages as the effects we can produce with the have to be seen to believed, but we also know we're not going to damage our stage in the process.

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